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Ever forgot your password / pin and there was no way to use your phone…???

Do you want to reset your phone but cannot access the settings option…???

Today we will share how to do a hard reset in few simple steps.

NOTES: when the phone turns on the first thing it will ask is the email and the password used first when activating the phone, SO MAKE SURE YOU THAT YOU REMEMBER THE PASSWORD OF THE GOOGLE ACCOUNT YOU HAD LOGON.

If you cannot access the settings Here is how to go about it :-

Step 1 – – -> Power off your phone.

Step 2 – – -> Hold the POWER and VOLUME ( UP+ ) Key, release the POWER KEY when the INFINIX logo displays, and keep holding the VOLUME ( UP + ) key on the next screen the “ NO COMMAND ” prompt will display on your screen ( In some models it does not )

Step 3 – – -> ( If NO COMMAND is shown ) Hold POWER and tap VOLUME UP ( + ) quickly, you should be in the android recovery.

Step 4 – – -> Navigate using the Volume rockers to ” Wipe data / factory reset ”

Step 5 – – -> Press the POWER BUTTON to select

Step 6 – – -> Navigate to the YES option and tap the POWER BUTTON again

Step 7 – – -> Reboot your phone after wipe is completed.

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