WiFi has become an indispensable part of people’s life, many people can not live without WiFi, WiFi brings the great convenience to our life. Is there such a scene that you want to know who is connected to my cell phone wifi? Today I will share the method of how to set up the number of WiFi connections with you.

Firstly, find the ‘set’ menu: Network &; Internet –Hotpot &; tethering-Wi-Fi hotpot-Set up Wi-Fi hotpot :

Next, go to ‘Set up Wi-Fi hotpot’ interface, find ‘Maximum connections’and click on it,the default number of connections are 6, you can set up your new connection numbers according to your requirement.

By the way, back to the ‘Wi-Fi hotpot’ interface, you can check up the current current connected user and blocked user.

Let’s try it.



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