Firstly if you keep yourself aware about your surrounding and be aware of current threats then there might not be any need to cover your laptop’s webcam also.

Any attacker can access your webcam only if you open any application or any link that’s malicious. You have to be selective in opening any application that you are not sure of it’s intent. Even if you are not sure whether to click an application/link then do hide your webcam.

Now coming to mobile phones especially android phones. They are also built on Linux operating system so yes they can be maliciously accessed. But generally you don’t need to cover your cameras. As most of the hackers target Windows machines you are safe. Here safe doesn’t mean you cannot be hacked, android phones are as vulnerable as any other machines. You have to see yourself aware of vulnerabilities android systems have. You can see cyber security news on The Hacker News — Cyber Security, Hacking News.

Some of the tips you should always remember

Always keep your device updated

  • Don’t open links that you are not sure of
  • Always copy the link you get in you email, never open the link by clicking in the mail itself
  • Don’t leave your phone connected to any laptops, a lot of data can be copied in your absence
  • Always check the permissions any app wants while installing on your phones. You may install UnHack app to check for permissions any app gets from your device

Be Secure!

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