If the prank calls you are receiving are serious (I.E. you are being threatened), you need to contact the police immediately. However, since this is rare, before you take drastic measures by getting the police involved, the first step to effectively stop a prank caller is to identify the person who is making the phoney calls. Your objective is to find out the person’s identity and where they live.

For most people, hiring a private investigator is out of the question because their services are costly. Therefore, most people opt for the reverse phone directory. There are many reverse phone directories online. Some are free, while others that have a larger directory, charge a fee. It is likely that you will need to use one of the pay reverse phone directories, as not many people are listed in the free searches. Nevertheless, there is no harm in trying out the free ones first.

Keep in mind that in order to use a reverse phone directory, you need to know the number of the prank caller. If you do not have the call display service, you can attempt to learn the number through the “Last Call Return” method by punching in *69 on your phone, directly after the prankster makes their call. You will be told the time the call was made and given the phone number of the caller. However, if the prank call was made from an unlisted phone number, you will be told that the number is unknown. If this occurs, and you cannot obtain the phone number, you should contact your telecommunications provider to see if they can help you. If not, you need to decide if the prank call is serious enough to get the police involved. Be advised that this phone service does cost a small fee, regardless if you are able to obtain the pranksters number or not.

There is a few websites which allows you to reverse check the phone number, easy and free:

The reverse phone directory will provide you with the prank caller’s identity (usually their name and location). Once you know their identity, try contacting them to tell them to stop prank calling you. Warn them you have their identification, and if they keep harassing you, you’ll report them to the police. It is a good idea to use the reverse phone directory and try contacting the caller before going to the police, because you may discover it is a friend only playing a joke on you. However, if you ever feel threatened by a prank caller, don’t hesitate to contact the police.