It is very difficult to keep hidden from people in the world of smartphones. Even the applications that the location does not seem to seem to be done by the locals, also ask for location information. The concept of privacy is as follows. All Messaging applications such as I Mess, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp all want to send messages to your senders newsletter.

“Forced” is that if you disable the Read Receipt feature in the Whats app, in return for the Whats app, you do not even show the Messaging Read Receipt sent. We have a compound in which you read the messages of the friends. While reading and receiving the Read Receipt feature, your friends do not know if you have read the message.

You have to do that as soon as you get the notification to get a message, move the airplane mode to the first place instead of unlocking the application.

This mode, also called Flight Mode, disables access to Wi-Fi and mobile signal access to the phone. In order to move on to this mode, IOS users swipe up and down and downward from the top of the Android users to change the mode of setting. Then you can open the Messaging application and read the message. Your friend will not have a sign of a double double tick, and he will only think that he is still busy.

To keep the message confidential, users will need to close the messaging application while staying in the flight mode.

To close the application, double-tap on the Home button of the iPhone and turn off the Whats app by swipe upwards. Android users can close the app by tapping the Multi Task button.

After that, when you open an application while online, your friends will find out how to read messages.

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