In a world driven by advanced technology, everything is going digital. However, with every significant advancement comes with its own threats. Cyber security threats make protecting your online accounts a necessity.

Back in the day, it was common for people to use their birth date as a universal password. However, with hackers working overtime to exploit every possible security vulnerability, passwords have to go beyond birth dates and other easy-to-guess personal details.

Strong passwords are not so easy to remember. And it becomes a task when you have multiple accounts with unique passwords.

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This is where password managers step in — making it possible to generate and keep track of all your passwords without the need to cram them all in your brain.

Here in this list, you’ll find four of the best password managers there can be for Android.

The feature-packed 1Password one of the best and popular password managers for Android. This app offers basic features such as password management, password generation, and cross-platform support with other operating systems. Also, its support for Android Autofil API enables it to save your credit card information and easily fill in that info.

Its excellent security features protect your data using “two-secret key derivation” — a very secure technique. It uses a one-way function which makes it impossible for hackers to crack the master password and gain access to your account.

1Password offers a thirty-day free trial after which you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan which costs $36 a year for individuals and a five-family plan at $60 per year.

LastPass, with its great features, hits the sweet spot between security and price. With its cloud syncing feature, you have access to your database to sync your data perfectly no matter what device you are using.

As security is an important aspect of every password manager, it provides the highest level of security to ensure the user’s data is not compromised. This it achieves by using AES-256 encryption — and supporting multi-factor authentication to add an extra layer of protection.

Features like the password auditor lets you know when a password is weak. It also offers support for a fingerprint scanner.

LastPass has a free account which allows you to store information across all your devices. Its premium account costs $24 a year for individuals and for $48 a month, a family of up to six users will be protected.

Besides managing your passwords, the feature-packed Dashlane monitors the web for security vulnerabilities pointing to the emails you add. Dashlane scans the web through the company’s “Dark Web Monitoring” and notifies you if your information appears anywhere insecure online. It’s the only app that both prevents and protects you from the risks of sharing information online.

Although most of Dashlane’s features are only available for the paid versions, its basic level will store passwords, IDs, payments, and personal info etc, securely in an encrypted vault.

The free option manages up to fifty passwords. The premium plans, which come with identity theft insurance,  cost $60 per year or $120 for the Dashlane Premium Plus plan.

Having a reliable password manager in an era of rapidly increasing cyber attacks can offer a lot towards protecting your presence online. While these are all great password managers for Android, it all boils down to your personal preferences — whether from this list, or another you discovered that works for you.