Most of you guys are already aware of G Board a virtual keyboard and use it mostly in your daily life for a lot of features including glide typing. Google introduced Gboard in Dec 2016 for android. From the busy city streets of India to the remote islands of Samoa, Gboard helps people all over the world get their point across—whether that’s through a spot-on GIF, a cute emoji or a regular text. Google is always working to improve Gboard for people wherever they are, no matter which language they’re typing in.

In August 2018 Gboard passed 1 billion installs on the Play Store,making it one of the most popular Android apps. This shows how much
people love Gboard. As you are already aware of the most of the features, today we will share with you how you can get rid of typing long messages and be able to send these message in a matter of seconds. It is not necessary to type in English now you have the liberty to voice
type in our own native language. Yes its possible now . Gboard for Android supports over 300 language varieties (covering 74% of the world’s population). The app has alot of other features also but today we will focus only on Voice Typing.

First Step

You must have installed Gboard in your mobile. If you already have Gboard in you mobile then move to next step, Otherwise


Second Step

Now that you have Gboard installed Open Settings > Languages &; input > Virtual Keyboard > Gboard


On Opening Gboard you will see the below menu

Tap on Voice Typing You will See the Below Menu


By Clicking on Languages you will see more than 70 Languages (with varieties). Choose your desired language for typing. I Choose English &; Urdu (Pakistan). You can see a glimpse of other available languages below.

Final Step

After selection of your desired languages you are ready to go. At the top of your keyboard, touch and hold Microphone . When you see “Speak now,” say what you want written. If you want to replace a word touch and hold the word. Now repeat the above process. If you want to switch between languages At the bottom of your keyboard, touch and hold Globe &; Tap the language you want to use.

Gboard will start listening to what you speak. Please note you have to speak clearly and with a normal speed to get the most accurate results. If you speak fast it may miss something or interpret a wrong word. So speak in your desired language and get amazed by how well it understands you and do the work for you.

See the above pic how well it has typed in my native language. You can do the same too. Enjoy and save your precious time. Your friends will be amazed to see how fast you type .

Some other features available in Gboard are

* Glide Typing − Type faster by sliding your finger from letter to letter

* Handwriting − Write in cursive and printed letters in 100 languages

* Search and share − Press the G to search and share anything from Google

* Emoji Search − Find that emoji, faster

* Theme Selection – Find Some amazing themes and backgrounds for your keyboard.

* GIF’s − Search and share GIF’s for the perfect reaction.

* Google Translate − Translate as you type in the keyboard.


The only drawback which i found is that when you will speak other people around may listen and it you may not find it appropriate to voice type
in front of others.

Do share your experience in the comments below if you already use this feature

Thank you &; Stay Connected for More