*How to remove unwanted apps from XOS Launcher, Phone Master and from any apps. (No Root)*

I Have noticed many people complaining about “Ads” in phone master and XOS launcher. Today I am going to show you how to Remove unwanted ads from XOS launcher and Phone Master app. 

This trick works for other applications also, especially those that doesn’t involve online transaction/Surfing.

# Now follow the steps–

Step 1. Download and install lucky patcher.

Step 2. Open the lucky patcher app.

Step 3. Navigate to phone master or XOS launcher and click.

Step 4. Click on menu of patches.

Step 5. Click create modified Apk.

Step 6. Now click Apk without Google Ads

Step 7. Click Rebuild the app.

Step 8. Wait till the process is complete and then it shows

Step 9. Click on “Go to file” bottom left side as indicated in the screenshots.

Step 10. Click uninstall and install

Step 11. Lastly press yes and wait till it installs.

Now you are free from Google Ads in phone master and other apps.

If you wish you can uninstall the lucky patcher anytime because Playstore will identify it as a virus on your phone. But it’s not.

Now Enjoy ads free XOS Launcher and Phone Master App.