The judy malware is common on google playstore today. This malware are embedded in fake apps and the effect of these malware on your phone can be disastrous. They can reduce phone’s performance and render it unusable in some cases.

Other app feature ad selling services, under the pretext that they are antiviruses, they tell you your phone is infected with a malware and you have to purchase the pro version to get it off, most of them are fake so do not be deceived.

Here are some tips that helps you to avoid those apps

Avoid third-party app stores: It’s advisable you download apps from playstore and not from third party websites or stores.

Look for the name of the app developer: Always verify that the manufacturers name is correct. If the app you are trying to download has a funny name, move on.

Read app reviews: Popular apps will have reviews from experts and users alike. Look for expert reviews for this will truly tell you about the app.

Install security software: There are good antivirus apps out there, Bitdefender, Kaspersky and avast are good choice which also offers premium features. You can have any of these for protection.

Keep your android OS up to date: Download the latest android updates and security patches or your device immediately they are made available.

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