Here are some tips you should know.

1. Update to the latest version. If there is no local 4G signal or the signal is weak, turn off the 4G switch to prevent fast power consumption due to changing to and from networks.

2. Clear the unnecessary apps running in the background. Touch the recent key on the navigation bar, and then touch to clear all the apps.

3. Try to avoid using dynamic wallpaper as this can significantly decrease the duration of phone use available.

4. Reduce the screen brightness. Turn on automatic brightness adjustment which changes the brightness according to the ambient light, or use the brightness slider as appropriate.

5. Close protected background apps that are not commonly used.

Touch Phone Manager > Close apps after screen lock, and then turn off the switches for the apps.

6. It is recommended that you use smart power saving mode.

Touch Phone Manager > remaining, and turn on power saving mode.

7. It is recommended that you uninstall unnecessary apps which consume a lot of power.

Touch Phone Manager > remaining > Background power-intensive apps to view the apps which consume a lot of power. Uninstall apps according to your requirements.

8. It is recommended that you turn off the functions that you are not currently using, such as Wi-Fi hotspots, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, data service, and automatic synchronization.

9. It is not recommended to always be connected to data service.

Touch Settings > More > Mobile network, and then turn off the Mobile data always on switch.

10. It is recommended that you do not keep Wi-Fi connected when your phone is in sleep mode.

Touch Settings > Wi-Fi, and then go to Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep and select a method that suits your requirements.

thanks for reading…!