The video is the combined form of images and audio embedded together. It is the single media file that is filled with entertainment. But the thing is that sometimes the users, it may be some of us may wish to just have some part of the audio or some part of the video without audio from the media file for making something with it. There are plenty of video editing softwares and tools for getting this done. But if you are one of those people who is searching for a really simple and easy method to remove audio from video files or separating the audio and video from the media file you have got, then this one is for you. Check it out.

How To Remove Audio From Video Files

On Mac OS Run Devices

If you have a device that runs on Mac OS and wishes to remove audio from video files, then you should first need to download the application iMovie. This simple application has got so much of capability that lets you do this task very easily.

You can simply import the video into this video editor and then right click on the video, then click on the option despatch video. This will split the audio section, you can simply click on it and then delete it. Finally, save the video and export it to use it for something you like.

On Android Run Devices  

For doing the same thing in an android run device, you should need Timbre application. After you download and install the application on your device, just open it and scroll down to find the Mute option in the application, then click on the option. Then you would need to skip to the gallery on your device and then select the video from your gallery that you wish to edit and then click on the mute option. Grant the permissions and then save it. It will be imported to the gallery and you can use it wherever and however you want.

On iOS Run Devices

For your iOS run devices, you will need to get Video mute application installed on your device. Just like you do I the various other applications, just select the particular video from the gallery and import it inside the application. Now set the audio leveler to zero and finally hit the export button and then save it to your gallery.

On Windows Run Devices

On Windows, you must definitely be having the VLC media player and that application helps you do this task. When you open the VLC media player application, you need to click on the Media option from the menu bar, then click on the convert/save option. Then click on the add button to add the media file from your gallery to the player. Now click on the convert/save button and then go to the audio codec section and uncheck the audio option. Save the settings, click on start and the video file will be downloaded to your gallery.

Online Using Websites

There are also various websites available online which lets you do this simple task of separating audio from the video files, they are Audio remover,Apowersoft Free online video converter.

Hope you liked these different ways and wish you find these useful.