Does over charging of your battery damage the battery?

Most of us loves spending time with our devices and the thought of the device going off due to low battery power is something we don’t want. To avoid this some users, tend to always keep their smartphones plugged to a power source, while others tend to charge their smartphones way too often and this can cause damage to the battery lifespan. So how can we care for our batteries? How often should my smartphone battery be recharged?

One thing should be noted. Batteries don’t last forever, they can be damaged or become weak with time.

Question: Should I charge to 100%?

Answer: Do not charge your battery to 100% every time. This can weaken battery cells, ensure your battery is charged to about 70-85%. Then once a month you can complete the cycle by charging to 100%

Question: Should I charge my phone overnight?

Answer: Most smartphones are intelligent to stop charging when they get to 100% but hey, charging overnight is not good for your battery health

Question: My phone overheats when charging, why?

Answer: Check if your phone’s case is made of metal, it is advisable to remove case when charging to reduce heating

Question: Should I use a fast charger for my battery?

Answer: ONLY use recommended charger by the manufacturer

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