• Check that you have enabled the flash.

• If your phone is charging, unplug the charging cable and try again. On some models, the flash may not work when your phone is charging.

• If the battery level is low, charge your phone and try again. The flash will be automatically disabled when the battery level is low in order to reduce power consumption.

• If your phone gets too hot or the flash is used too frequently, the flash may overheat. Wait for a moment and try again.

• Ensure that you are using a camera mode that supports the flash (such as Photo mode). The flash is disabled by default in some camera modes (such as Time-lapse and Light painting).

• If you have enabled auto flash mode, change the flash mode to always be on. In auto flash mode, the flash will not turn on unless the ambient brightness drops below a certain level.

• Close any scanning apps and try again.

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