Hello my fellow reader and Friends, I will like to notify you of this Fast and trending Peer to Peer scam site ( ).


Please, I will Like to advise you if you are a vendor on this site, or that you want to trade on the web,  Do things with caution because both the vendors and the site itself is a scam.

It happens this way, I started trading on Paxful less than 1Months ago, though I created my account with them a year ago, my exchanging site use to be .

When I started trading, I mean buying Gift card on this web, I have been seeing many things concerning them, that they are scam site, but I won’t listen thinking they are just againsting the good site but not until when it happens to me  Shocked Kiss Grin

I use to buy gift card on the web, I have 90+ positive reputation withing a week of trading with no single bad or negative Feedback ( Check this yourself, my username is, the good thing about my trading is I don’t have any Dispute trade, no pending trading, not at all, all the trade going good day by day not until when I try to add to my Paxful Bitcoins so to make more gains. I transfered bulk of BTC to the website before sleeping on 23/06/2017, but on checking my account on 24/06/2017, the account has been suspended. I was in doubt of what might have caused it, am not scamming here, WTF  Could have caused this, I don’t know. I email them on that faithful day repeated but they won’t reply, and they see the mails ( Am very sure, they are just frastrating people)


I later found out what that lead to the ban, which is absolutely not true

I sent them mail, they refused to reply, I then go to their talk forum to speak with their Forum admin and this is what he sent to me


No need to worry, it was suspended by paxful, not hacked. Reason: Brokering on the marketplace. paragraph 5)”

And Paxful Paragraph 5 says ”
You may NOT broker gift card codes, they must be purchased by you ONLY.”

They want the gift card to purchased by the seller only, they forget the name of the card is ” GIFT CARD”, it can be a gift from your relative or friends, and beside, I have no issue with anyone concerning Gift card of a thing, just that they want to steal some random Vendor Bitcoins to their own

I told them its not brokering, that am also a reseller, got cards from people and trade it in some times but they won’t listen.  Not even that I have any dispute or any pending trades

They finally reply my mails after Some days

In their mind, they will ban people account and stop replying their mails, thinking the person will forget the Bitcoins and it will belong to them after. But when they finally reply, I was told my coins will be locked and Held for good 12 Months, Wtf? Without scamming anyone? Even if at all you want to ban me, won’t I have access to my fund if you yourself are not scammers, the if and Professional scammer?

Telling me they will investigate the account for 12 Months, Really? Is that not a their and scam talk?

They already know I will have forget the coins before then and it will be theirs

All the screenshot below.

My advise to you

Please I once saw post like this and decided to ignore it, not until when it happens to me, stay away and run from this site, they are scamming people indirectly. I need to tell you the fact. Am pretty sure they can’t last long.

I won’t rest my case, until they allow me to have my funds withdraw. Will make sure Google Have their scam site news on their first page index, so that everyone will stay away from them. Localbitcoins is far cool than them.

I will Keep you posted, will update you guys on latest feedback from them.  Thanks

Have you experienced this before? Please drop your feedback on the scam site called

Reading many complain about them this days, and am sure they are going down soon, very soon

More links and complaints about their scam site links

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You banned someone for selling gift card, not for scamming and you are telling the person won’t be able to withdraw his fund for 12 good months, that means you are also a scammer promoting scammers

Taking people money because you know nothing they can do to you. The if and scammer

I have many Bitcoins in this account, I deserved 100% right to it, because i am not banned for scamming anyone

All the links – Scam

See screenshot of their replies here

Update 28/06/2017

If you are stopping people from scamming, u shouldn’t be scamming as well.

Holding people’s coins just for selling card on your site means you are stealing, you are also a scam