Argentina didn’t exactly nail their hotel arrangements for the France game.

Ok, so it’s worth saying that Kazan only has two hotels officially equipped to host a World Cup team and Argentina’s opponents had first pick with their earlier qualification.

As a result, Lionel Messi and co. had no option but to set up shop at the Ramada Hotel.

Just days after the booking and it emerged that there was something rather awkward about their choice of location, namely that the building was overlooked by some interesting art.

A three-storey mural of Cristiano Ronaldo winking featured outside the complex and has done so for over a year with Portugal staying at the hotel for the Confederations Cup last summer.

Huge Ronaldo mural on Messi’s hotel

According to Russia Today, it was even specifically positioned to be viewable from Ronaldo’s exact hotel room before games with Mexico and Chile.

Naturally, the revelation sparked reaction on social media with the Messi vs Ronaldo debate proving quite the subplot at this summer’s tournament.

Ronaldo is enjoying the far more successful competition, bagging himself four goals already despite a penalty miss against Iran.

Argentina and Kazan respond with Messi mural

Meanwhile, Messi will step into the Ramada Hotel with his future in the competition hanging in the balance.

It’s a good job then, that Argentina and Kazan have reacted to the Ronaldo mural.

Photographs emerged on Friday that a mural of Messi had been ‘hastily’ painted onto the building of the hotel, too, in light of the approaching France clash.

The move came after ‘Argentina officials were left red-faced’ by the move, according to The Sun.

Kazan artists worked overnight to paint the second mural with Kazan officials wary not to choose sides in the debate.

Take a look at the images below:p1ch60h26o11fi1ism1abkvt71s85b.jpg

However, it’s also worth noting that the message: ‘I scored 4 goals. Can you beat that, Leo?’ has been added to the Ronaldo mural as well.

If Neymar or Mohamed Salah stay in the Russian city anytime in the future, the Ramada will swiftly run out of wall space to work with.

As far as hotel chains go, though, it’s quite the collection of artwork to have to match their esteemed record of customers.

Hopefully for Messi it can serve as some sort of inspiration going into their tough round of 16 match and a game that could prove his last on football’s biggest stage.FBL-WC-2018-MATCH39-NGR-ARG

There’s a quiet understanding that World Cup gold could be the deciding factor in whether Messi or Ronaldo are considered the greatest of their era or even of all-time.

Both Portugal and Argentina face difficult round of 16 ties to stay in the competition.

At least Messi won’t be greeted by the sole sight of Ronaldo wicking at him if France crush his dreams, though.