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The ongoing world cup in Russia has attracted fans from all walks of life in a bid to cheer on their favorite teams. For other fans, especially ladies have a hidden agenda in Russia.

Most have traveled all the way to Russia to witness their secret admirers playing.

Here are some of the top players who are driving ladies crazy in Russia.

1. Neymar

Neymar is a Brazilian player who plays for PSG at club level. He has some sharp looks and numerous tattoos that each and every lady is talking about. His baby face too makes him among the favorites to most ladies who are drooling over him.

2.Ederson Moraes

He plays for the Brazilian national team as a goalkeeper, and English premier league side Manchester city. His body is covered in designer tattoos that enhance his sharp looks.

3.Ricardo Quaresma

He plays as a winger for Portugal. He has a kiss mark on his neck and a tattoo of a freaky eye on his hand, that seems to give him a squid-like quality.

4.lionel Messi

The Argentian star who plays for Barcelona is always the talking point whenever he is on the field. He is known for his unique skills that each and every player would envy.