• With the goals from Leo Messi and Marcos Rojo in a super dramatic 2-1 win over Nigeria Argentina have qualified for the World Cup knockout stages
  • Argentina will now face France in the last 16 round
  • Messi claims that the team believed in the win

“We were confident that we would win this match,” Messi told the reporters after the game. “It’s marvellous to win this way. It’s deserved joy.”

I knew that God was with us and he wouldn’t leave us out.

“I thank all the people who are here, for all their sacrifice, and all those who are in Argentina who were always with us. The shirt of the national team is above all.

”Our World Cup begins today. We had to win any way we could, and from today this needs to be a new World Cup for us.”

The scorer of the match-winning goal, Marcos Rojo added: “After the match against Croatia, we were more united than ever. This goal is for my family and for this group that deserves it. Vamos Argentina!